Landing my Wittman Tailwind at Clifton

My Wittman Tailwind W8

Hi, my name is Peter Pretorius.

I am a Local.

I conduct a local business enterprise.

I love to fly aeroplanes, and anything to do with aeroplanes.

My family and I have now been living in the Moreton Bay Shire more than 15  years and counting.

We moved lock ,  stock  and barrel from South Africa to Australia in January 2001, and I must say , we all love it here.

From day one we   decided that when you move to “Rome, you do as the Romans do”, and with that attitude we felt most comfortable here from the very start – we can do “G’day Mate” and “She’ll be right, Mate” without reserve and feel proud of it.

I still have a passion for flying and even-so, also for my own business. I also have a passion for local business in our shire and the people that make it happen. Please feel free to talk to me about promoting YOUR business on my TV shows, absolutely free of charge, NO strings attached – simply contact me direct.